The Plant Genome and Development Laboratory is one of the major contributors, with the laboratory of Ecology and Evolution Interactions, to biology courses at the University of Perpignan.

BSc in Biology and Ecology

Masters in  Functional Ecology and Sustainable Development (2 spécialities)

- Environnemental Genomics (Research Masters)

- Biodiversity and Sustainable Development (Professional Masters)

The LGDP is attached to the E2 Graduate School (Energy and Environment) and its teams regularly receive French and foreign doctoral students. The LGDP is also open to individual requests (contact Odile Herran) for postdoctoral trainees in technical fields (DUT, BTS, Licence Pro).









































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Seminar Tuesday May 21rst, 11 am, salle de séminaires du LGDP, given by Julia MORALES, Laboratoire de Biologie Intégrative des Modèles Marins, UMR 8227 CNRS/Sorbonne Université, Station Biologique de Roscoff. Title : "Translational control after fertilization in sea urchin."



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